About Wallpapers

1. Material of Wallpaper


Lanca mainly produce Vinyl (PVC) Wallpaper, Non Woven Wallpaper and Metallic Wallpapers.


Vinyl wallpaper is the best selling material for overseas market.

220g to 280g PVC wallpaper is the best choice for Project and Hotel.

400g to 550g Deep embossed wallpaper is very popular in Mid East and Russian market.


Non Woven Wallpaper is popular in China domestic Market, however from 2015, more and more oversea customers choose Non Woven Wallpapers, Non woven wallpapers are becoming more and more popular in their premium clients.


Metallic Wallpapers are very popular in India, Pakistan and Mid East customers.


2. The Size of Wallpaper

Lanca only produce 53cm wide Wallpapers yet, the length is 10m or 9.5m, pls see below:


0.53m x 10m= 5.3㎡  ( 1.738 ft x 32.808 ft= 57 sq.ft )

0.53m x 9.5m= 5.035㎡  ( 1.738 ft x 31.167 ft= 54.16 sq.ft )


3. Package of Wallpaper


16 rolls /Carton

The Size of carton is 33cm*33cm*55cm


4. The QTY of one Container

20'GP = 8000 rolls wallpapers

40'GP = 18000 rolls wallpapers


5. Lead Time

Normally, the lead time is 10-25 days based on order QTY.


6. Wallpaper Label & Sticker

Lanca Can custom wallpaper label & Stickers as per customer’s requests.

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